Bill Gates Will Invest $2 Billion in Green Technology

Bill Gates Will Invest $2 Billion in Green Technology

According to the latest information, co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates will invest $2 billion in renewable technologies. Billionaire and philanthropist have plans for the next 5 years. His goal is to ‘’bend the curve’’ through new technologies. This should double the billion dollar investment. So far, he has written checks to green companies. 15 green companies got his help. Also, he has contributed venture capital funds to 30 green companies more.
In a recent interview, he said that renewable technology required further research and more investment. Also, government should invest more funds in these technologies. Bill Gates also pointed on the drawbacks of renewable energy, like solar that can provide energy only during the day. There are no batteries that can allow us to harvest and store the amount of energy we need every day, or for some longer time period.
The United States has made strides in the battle against climate change. You have heard for recent Supreme Court ruling undercut the mercury and other toxic materials emissions from power plants.
This is just one of many ways how successful and rich people can help green companies and green technology. All experts agree that renewable technology is the future, so we should invest more funds in research and application. At this moment, the world depends on fossil fuel. However, they will be depleted any time soon. This means that we will have to find an alternative energy source. Luckily, we have the Sun and wind. They are great renewable energy sources that are already used, but they can be used even more. Probably, we will depend on these energy sources in the near future.


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