Kids and modern technology

Kids and modern technology

Times are not like they used to be. You can hear people today talking with great nostalgia how when they were kids, they didn't even know what technology is.
To be honest, it's no surprise, since modern technology is used a lot more today, then few decades ago, and it is somehow logical for kids to be interested in that.

The problem is, they are more interested, than they should be.
American Academy of pediatrician and Canadian Society of Pediatrics are claiming that kids till the age of two, shouldn't be exposed to technology at all.
Kids from three to five should have a limited use of technology, not more than an hour per day, and the ones from the age of six to eighteen should be using not more than two hours per day.

Early brain development is defined by external influences, and too much exposure to technology is associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, delayed cognitive development, learning more difficult, increased impulsivity and decreased ability of self-control.

If kids are watching TV, or playing games too much, they will become less physically active, and will start to gain weight, and become obese.
In the households where children are allowed to watch TV or play games in their room, they are 30% more likely to be overweight and one-third of obese children will probably get diabetes.

Parents also do not pay attention to what their kids are watching on TV. If it is something that is too violent, they can start developing aggression in time.
So the point is, talk to your children, be a strict parent if you must, and don't replace your love and attention, with a new mobile phone, computer, etc.


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